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Strengthsfinder | Engage Your Strengths

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As men and women refine and practice their strengths, they will be equipped to consistently achieve excellence and maximize their God-given talents.

The EYS book blends Gallup’s Strengthsfinder® assessment and coaching with Biblical foundations and extended Scripture engagement. It contains stories from coaches and the Gallup Theme Insight Cards with Balconies and Basement.

PLEASE NOTE: For these books to be effective, each reader must know their Strengths which are identified by taking the online Gallup’s Strengthsfinder® Assessment Test. We have a limited quantity of codes available to facilitate you taking the assessment.  After you place your order for the books, please contact us at to request the corresponding codes.

Number of Pages 262 pages
Measurements 6 1/4" x 9 1/4"
Catalog number #124423
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