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Strengthsfinder | Engage Your Strengths

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As men and women refine and practice their strengths, they will be equipped to consistently achieve excellence and maximize their God-given talents.

PLEASE NOTE: For these books to be effective, each reader must know their Strengths which are identified by taking the online Gallup’s Strengthsfinder® Assessment Test. The cost of the online assessment test is $19.99 per person. Do not order these books unless you (or the recipients) have the ability to take the online test. 

The EYS book blends Gallup’s Strengthsfinder® assessment and coaching with Biblical foundations and extended Scripture engagement. It contains stories from coaches and the Gallup Theme Insight Cards with Balconies and Basement.

The EYS manual is a Scripture Engagement Supplement that expands on the Biblical Foundation and Scripture Engagement Deeper Dive sections. EYS 3.0 was created to be a tool for pastors and church leaders to use for Sermons and Small Groups, as it contains Sermon/Teaching Outlines and Small Group Questions.  

Number of Pages 262 pages
Measurements 6 1/4" x 9 1/4"
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